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Once a small fishing village, Kusadasi has steadily grown into one of Turkey’s most lively and cosmopolitan holiday resorts although still managing to keep much of its traditional charm.

Kusadasi or in other terms “Bird Island” or “Island of Birds” is where we live, where we experience bustling summers with lots of foreign and domestic travelers coming to discover its beauties, where we also see them depart after the tourist season ends and where we feel the solitude of the harbor without the cruise ships being docked for over four months. However, with its lovely port built along the shores of a glittering bay around a tiny islet covered in flowers, it is a four-season town which makes you feel happy and privileged for being its residents throughout the year.  It is like a terraced village overlooking the most beautiful bay of the Aegean and seems to have been created purely for the delight of the holidaymaker.

Located on the Aegean coast, it is one of the top two cruise ports in Turkey along with Istanbul.
Why would this small but enchanting town be on the itineraries of the big cruise companies? Why would it welcome over 600 cruise ships throughout the touristic season? Simply due to its proximity to the top archeological, cultural, religious destination of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greco-Roman city of Ephesus. From the port of Kusadasi, the drive to Ephesus takes only about 20-25 minutes. This smooth and scenic drive lets the travelers see the endless variety of crops cultivated in the fertile plains of the area… 

The ancient city of Ephesus, is considered to be the most well-preserved classical city and it welcomes over millions of travelers every year coming to visit its vast ruins. Would the travelers only see Ephesus on their visit? No, dependant on their preferences and particular interests, they would also get the opportunity of visiting The House of Virgin Mary where she is believed to have spent the last years of her life, the Basilica of Saint John where the beloved apostle is said to be buried, the reputed Temple of Artemis, once considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Sirince, once a Greek Orthodox village located on top of the mountains, is another beautiful stop for travelers with great food and scenery. Olive groves are all around and this traditional village is worth a visit with its old-style mansion type houses, local produce like olives, wine, handicrafts, fresh fruit and vegetables etc…

Apart from all these, what other places of interest would there be around Kusadasi? Especially for second-time visitors to this town, Priene-Miletus-Didyma (just one hour drive) would be an option to consider for further sight-seeing.  (Most people prefer to explore Ephesus grounds on their first visit to the area)

We prefer not to write here about the history of Kusadasi, you can just google its name and find hundreds of pages written about its history, buildings, attractions etc… Just briefly, we are talking about a rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage here and we would like to welcome you here for a memorable holiday, to see what we mean with your own eyes, in the company of one of our professional guides for whom guiding is more of a passion rather than a regular job. Their in-depth knowledge, fun stories and local expertise would bring into light the real Kusadasi that can not be found in the pages of a book or on internet.